Different types of waivers in the US

In the process of obtaining a visa or lawful permanent residence can require that you obtain a waiver of admissibility.  One may be found inadmissible to the United States if he or she committed certain crimes had more than six months or a year of unlawful presence within the United States, or if you lied to an immigration or State Department officer. Some of the most notable waivers in the US include:

Waiver I-212- Foreign nationals who have been found inadmissible to the United States of America as per the sections 212(a)(9)(A) or 212(a)(9)(C) of the Immigration Nationality Act, need to file Form I-212 with the USCIS to seek permission for reapplication, after having been removed from the country via removal or deportation processes. This waiver is the lawful way of reapplying for admission to the United States after a previous removal or deportation. There are many criterions that need to be met in order to become eligible for this waiver.

Waiver I-601- In the case that you have been found to be inadmissible to the United States of America and are looking for an immigrant visa, selected nonimmigrant statuses, adjustment of status or specific immigration benefits, you need to file a petition using this form and seek a waiver based upon certain inadmissibility grounds. Under this waiver, you may need to show extreme hardship to a US citizen or permanent resident spouse or parent.

Waiver I-601A- This is a provisional waiver was established President Barack Obama’s use of executive action to allow immigrating relatives of US citizens and permanent residents, lottery winners, and applicants of immigrant visas to be able to apply for a three-ten-year waiver This visa type became effective of March 4, 2013 in order to promote family unity and bring an end to the uncertainty and risk that came associated with the old method of waiver application.

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